We offer catholic and bilingual coeducation in English and Spanish with a high level in a third language between French and Portuguese.

If you wish to get more information about our educational project, we invite you to come to our informative meeting on March 12th, at 3:00 pm.





News about us.
Sustainable projects for a better country.

English for Fusca project, which is promoted by the Mayor of Chia, and  100% carried out by Rochester School.

We are proud to share some of our recognitions with all of you.

Simon Bolivar Medal, granted by the Ministry of Education three times to Rochester School for its leadership in education.

LEED Gold Green School, granted to Rochester School for its low environmental impact, its high performance and healthy campus.

A school where values count based on the Character Counts Program.

Glasser Quality School based on the psychology of Choice Theory, and oriented towards the development of useful competencies for life and the world.

Our school joins real research programs from NASA through their Global Education Program GLOBE.

Our school is recognized for its Excellence by the European Foundation for Quality Management

The following are some of our essential differentiators and characteristic elements.

Quality and useful learning for life and the world in a healthy, courteous, and happy environment. This is based on the development of competencies in different areas of knowledge such as: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Computer Sciences, Artistic Education, Physical Education, Religious Education, and Virtues Development.

A healthy environment conducive to learning and the optimal development of brain and mind. A trustworthy and courteous environment with high quality and challenging learning.

Unique campus in Colombia and Latin America certified as environmentally sustainable and used as a curricular living text. This has allowed us to facilitate and promote considerable improvements in health and learning, along with great reductions in environmental impact, since we moved to our new site back in 2012. The air quality inside the classrooms helps the brain oxygenation for optimal learning.

Our Allies and Agreements

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