The followings are some tips to promote reading in students life.

1. Freedom to choose a book.

In order for the child to enjoy reading, it is important that they can, with your help, select the books they want to read.

2. Do not impose a reading.

It is important to be assertive when proposing readings. The student should find utility, otherwise they will avoid reading.

3. Understand reading as a game.

It is important that children see this as something fun for them in order to access the world of reading by themselves.

4. Read in comfortable spaces.

Reading should be done in a friendly environment. Libraries are an ideal place to read and study but also parks are good places to enjoying a good reading.

5. Establish a daily routine.

Find a space and a daily time to read such as before going to sleep or after a meal to create a good habit.

6. Open the doors to digital reading.

To interact with technology it is important to have a guide, since interactive books are a support for the child to create, learn and build their own stories.

7. Promote interest in reading as a family.

Encouraging family reading is also important for children. The best way to involve children in reading, is to be interested in their favorite titles and characters.

8. Encourage them to write their own stories.

In order to promote creativity it is important that children write about what they read.

9. Teach by example.

The example is the best way to promote the reading in little ones. Children look for models and the first ones to follow are family members.

Source: “Brains international school”.

Resumen: en esta edición queremos compartir con ustedes estrategias para fomentar la lectura en casa. Recordemos que apoyar este hábito, debe ser una tarea en la cual estén involucrados todos los miembros de la familia. Además, la lectura es una oportunidad de crear historias nuevas y es necesario que haga parte de nuestro día a día. 

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