Parenting can be challenging and empowering. We are expected to improve daily and refine our skills according to our desired pictures, needs and life project. We self-evaluate to adapt and behave effectively to satisfy our needs thinking also in others and the context. We kindly invite you to read the attached newsletter from Red PaPaz about preventing children from consuming alcohol and other psychoactive substances. Are we delivering appropriate messages to our children? What are our family agreements about safety and fun? 

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Pamela Ospina
Virtues Development Curriculum Coordinator

Resumen: los invitamos a revisar el boletín de Red PaPaz «Prevención del consumo de alcohol en niñas, niños y adolescentes: Un compromiso con sus derechos». Esperamos que esta sea una oportunidad para revisar nuestros acuerdos familiares con relación a esta temática.

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