February is over, a month of celebration and pride for our School’s birthday and the recognition as a “Great Place to Study”. In addition, it was a month to reflect about our own decisions, goals and achievements. Self-evaluation should be informed and reliable for acquiring real data and improvement opportunities that can be attainable and time framed. On the other hand, self-evaluation must also include reasons to celebrate success; even small achievements should be visible and recognized as a positive behavior.

By celebrating success, we satisfy our needs for power and recognition. We invite you to celebrate success together, as a family, as a community, and as human beings. Let’s cherish our constant effort, refine and improve what can be improved and celebrate all successes in our lives. Here is a song for celebrating globally our successes and challenges.

Pamela Ospina
Virtues Development Curriculum Coordinator

Resumen: febrero fue un mes para celebrar el cumpleaños de nuestros Colegio y el reconocimiento de “Great Place to Study”. Los invitamos a celebrar el éxito, por pequeño que parezca, como familia, comunidad y como personas. ¡Les compartimos una canción para celebrar!

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