Issue #27, March 19th, 2020

 Welcome to Home Learning

We have started our Home Learning Plan and we can´t be happier! We have some important instructions for you and we remind you that all of our teaching staff have worked hard to provide the strategies and technical support you need to develop our first innovative Home Learning plan. Stay healthy, safe and enjoy this new experience!

 #HappyHome Challenge

We are sure you are having an amazing time at home! We have created a challenge for you to participate with your family. Click the «See more» button to know about it.

  How to strengthen your body defenses?

Thank you parents!

We know this are hard times, this is why your positive messages keep us going. We want to share with you some words that some families have shared with us regarding the Home Learning Plan. Please click the see more button and leave us your feedback! 

 Share your Home Learning Experience with Us

We want to know what are you working on at home! If you have something interesting that you are working on as product of a virtual class, please share it with us! On our next Thursday Times we will share your work and we will tell you what is the plan for next weeks. You can send your pictures, videos and more to the following email:

Resumen: ¡Queremos saber en qué estas trabajando desde casa! Si tienes algo interesante que hayas realizado, producto de tus clases virtuales, compártelo con nosotros. En el próximo «Thursday Times» queremos mostrar tus evidencias y además te contaremos el plan para las siguientes semanas. Puedes enviarnos tus fotos, videos y demás al siguiente email: 

Virtue of The Month- Systems Citizen

And suddenly, the month for Systems Citizens turned out to be a real life experience on demonstrating our system ́s relationships and shared responsibility. Our world urges us to act and change habits to ensure everyone’s safety and health. Let´s stay hopeful and optimistic. #TodoIráBien is the message that our students are giving us. If you want to share your own pictures and messages, follow us on Instagram and Facebook and tag us: @colegio_rochester

Resumen: y así, el mes del Ciudadano Sistémico se convirtió en una experiencia real de corresponsabilidad en nuestra relaciones. A continuación, les compartimos algunos mensajes de nuestros estudiantes. Si quieres compartir tus fotos y mensajes, síguenos en nuestras redes sociales y etiquétanos: @colegio_rochester

Pámela Ospina Robledo
Virtues Development Coordinator

Why is Important to Stay Home?

This is How Our Home Learning Plan Works