Issue #19, January 23rd, 2020

Menú Semanal

  Important Dates

Week A starts
Monday, January 27th
Colombian Gatronomic Festival
Wednesday, January 29th
Planting Trees Day for 9th and 10th Grade Students
Saturday, February 1st

 Our Curriculum

With joy we share with our community the2019-2020 Course Catalogue. It includes the description of our fundamental courses and a summary of the classes we teach from Prekinder to 12th Grade.

«Latinoamérica en Acción» Conference (Operation Smile) 

Our students Martina Chediak, Emilio Restrepo and Valerie Villegas, as well as our teacher María del Pilar Tunarroza, are representing our Operations Smile Club at the Operation Smile’s annual student conference in Latin America. They are becoming agents of change. 

 Important Transportation News

ScreenGuide On-Site Parents’ Training

As part of our BYOD program, and taking into account parents’ recommendations, we’ll be holding an on-site parents training. Click the «see more» button for specific information.

 Student recognition

We want to congratulate our 7th Grade student, Juan Francisco Andrade Montaño, for his achievemnets in Taekwondo. After 6 years in our extracurricular program, Juan Francisco won his black belt. Congratulations!

 French summer camp in Quebec

All our high school students are welcome to participate in an experience where they will stay with host families, enjoy the city, learn french, attend concerts, explore nature and meet people from all over the world. The next informative meeting will be held on January 25th. Click «see more» for more information .

Virtue of the month: Integral Health

What are healthy eating habits? In this edition we share some information from RedPapaz as we discuss the importance of integral health.

 Space Camp

You still have time to be part of an amazing experience at the Kennedy Space Center! Remember that the deadline to register and make the payment is on Monday, January 27th.

 Sports Summer Camps

Summer is around the corner and ther´s still time to be part of a soccer or a basketball summer camp in the USA. Click «see more» for information regarding these two amazing summer camps. 

 Welcoming new teachers

We want to welcome our new teachers. We wish them the best and hope this year brings lots of beautiful and enriching life experiences! Click «see more» to meet them. 

 Recognizing our faculty team

Starting this edition, we’ll be recognizing our teachers and directors’ commitment to learning and being up to date with new strategies, innovations, and best practices.

 Rochester in Media

Our school´s president and member of the Climate Reality Project, Juan Pablo Ajure, shared his experience on integral health and climate change with the people from NTN24 news channel , check it out!

 We can do it together

Wellness Center Message

The Wellness Center professionals have
some interesting ideas for living a meaningful life by applying some scientific advices. We invite you to read and apply them in your daily activities.

 iPads For Sale

Solicita más información haciendo click aquí

  Physical education in Prekinder

En clase de Educación Física, los estudiantes de Prejardín hicieron actividades de persecución a través de dos juegos: “congelados” y “la lleva infinita”. Allí, desarrollaron  habilidades a nivel de motricidad gruesa. Finalmente, satisfacieron su necesidad de libertad al elegir un deporte para jugar entre los que estaban fútbol, baloncesto, voleibol o saltar lazo.

Summary: Prekinder students did several persecution activities through fun games in order to develop some of their gross motor skills.

  English and Math in Prekinder

Preschool students are taking advantage of the technology tools available at our school. In this case, students used the iPads from the iPad car and practiced tracing directionality, colored numbers from 1 to 5 and made some figures with the tangram. This was the first time they used the iPads in class in order to refine fine motor skills and math concepts.

Resumen: en Preescolar, los estudiantes están aprovechando las herramientas tecnológicas disponibles en el Colegio. En este caso, los estudiantes de Prejardín hicieron uso de los iPads del carrito y practicaron algunas habilidades de motricidad fina y repasaron conceptos matemáticos.

  Exploring senses in Kindergarten

This week Kindergarten students continued to explored their senses. Blindfolded, they tasted several flavors and touched different textures, they also heard and saw other elements. For the activity, there were stations to go through that included touch, taste, hearing (with the use of the iPads) and sight.

Resumen: esta semana los estudiantes de Jardín continuaron explorando en detalle sus sentidos. En una divertida actividad realizaron ejercicios donde vieron, escucharon, tocaron y saborearon. 

  Prekinder Field Trip

Prekinder students will visit Faunáticos Park in Tenjo, Cundinamarca, next week. Please confirm your child´s attendance through the Schoology event in the group and click «see more» for more information. 

  Physical Education in Lower Elementary

En las clases de Educación Física de este segundo trimestre, los estudiantes están trabajando en las habilidades motrices básicas como correr, saltar, lanzar y atrapar. Adicionalmente. están desarrollando habilidades importantes como la coordinación, el ritmo y el equilibrio por medio de juegos y actividades en donde ponen en práctica la orientación espacial y el ajuste postural.

Summary: In Physical Education classes, Lower Elementary students are learning to be physically active by developing coordination, control and body management habilities. Also, they are involved in problem-solving, communication with others and team-building practices.

  Swimming lessons in 1st Grade

En la clase de Natación de Transición, los estudiantes están practicando el estilo libre. Para esto, han iniciado con ejercicios de calentamiento fuera de la piscina.

Summary: In swimming class, 1st graders are learning to swim competently, confidently and proficiently. They learned to use a range of strokes effectively beginning with the freestyle stroke.

 Learning about fractions in 4th Grade

Before the vacation break, 4th Grade students were working on fractions and they have enjoyed this topic as much as pizza! In order to prcatice what they have learned, they used concrete material and some digital games. Now, they are learning to do operations with fractions and it has been an excellent opportunity to continue practicing multiplication tables and division. 

Resumen: antes del periodo de vacaciones, los estudiantes de 3º comenzaron a ver el tema de fracciones. Para repasar lo aprendido, han utilizado material concreto y algunos juegos digitales. Ahora aprenderán sobre operaciones con fraccionarios para seguir practicando las tablas de multiplicar y división. 

 Properties of triangles in 5th Grade

During the first week of school 5th Grade students finished their Angles Unit that they started in December. This week they are starting Unit 5, Triangles and 4 Sided Shapes. In this unit, they are learning about the properties of triangles and other shapes. They will also be learning about isosceles and equilateral triangles. Also, they will see that the sum of all angles in a triangle equals 180 degrees and students used Geogebra and Charts to confirm the information. 

Resumen: durante la primera semana de clases los estudiantes de 4º terminaron la unidad de Ángulos que comenzaron en diciembre. Esta semana comenzarán la Unidad 5, Triángulos y Figuras de 4 lados. Además, aprenderán que la suma de todos los ángulos en un triángulo es igual a 180 grados. Para esto, han utilizado las aplicaciones Geogebra y Gráficos para confirmar la información.

Mental Health and Choice Theory in 7th Grade

7th Grade students have been studying Choice Theory through different fun activities. Thye created amazing games wich they shared with their classmates. Click «see more» to watch a video with their evidence.  

 Learning about democracy in 7th Grade

This week 7th Grade students worked on the birth of democracy in the western world, focusing their attention on Athens. They are learning about the different forms of government in Athens before democracy and they were taking outside to participate in direct Athenian democracy. There was a dialogue between the students and voting took place to decide on new ‘laws’ for the classroom. The activity was a lot of fun and students got took part in democratic processes.

By: Kimon Steenporte

Resumen: durante esta semana, los estudiantes de 6º han estado trabajando en conocer sobre el nacimiento de la democracia enfocados en Atenas. Por medio de diferentes actividades, los estudiantes participaron en debates y procesos democráticos.

Seniors internships

Last week, our 51 Senior Students experienced a three day internship in different places in our city. Through this experience our «Life Project Program» wishes for students to be better informed regarding their future life/career choices, as well as challenging and encouraging them to be involved in the community and think independently. We feel very proud of our Seniors who are able to self-evaluate and retell their experience using the caring habits and internal control language.

By: Mónica Arrubla

Resumen: la semana pasada nuestros estudiantes de 11º  tuvieron tres días de pasantía laboral en diferentes empresas. Valoramos la manera informada y amable con la que auto-evaluaron sus experiencias.

Sustainable protein in AP Biology in  High School

Students from the AP Biology class with Miss Andrea Polanco have been learning about the making of sustainable protein. In this course Ms. Andrea empowers students to conduct research, collect data, and analyze results while exploring and interacting with real organisms.

They will continue to work in this amazing cricket protein and will record their findings in a Scientific text including graphs, images and data analysis. You will be able to taste the protein in our coming Pi Day.

Resumen: los estudiantes del curso AP de Biología, liderados por Ms. Andrea Polanco, se encuentran estudiando y analizando la proteína de grillo. Durante nuestro próximo Día Pi, podrán ver sus resultados.


  Physics experiment in 11th Grade

In Physics class, 10th Grade students have been investigating the relationship between work, energy and power through different activities. One of them is a laboratory practice in which, when climbing the stairs, they are generating a power that they calculate by taking certain data and comparing it with the consumption of a bulb that has the same amount of watts. With experiment, they established connections between a person’s physical condition, the operation of a machine and the transformation of energy present in different events.

By: Aida Ostos

Resumen: en clase de Física, los estudiantes de 10º están estudiando la relación entre trabajo, energía y potencia mediante diferentes actividades. Una de ellas fue una práctica sencilla de laboratorio en la que al subir las escaleras, los estudiantes generaron una potencia que calcularon mediante la toma de ciertos datos y la compararon con el consumo de una bombilla con la misma cantidad de vatios.  

  English language learning in High School

High School students have been improving their abilities in the English language. Each Gradehas been reading different book, making oral presentations and preparing for the differnt exams they need to take.

Students: Remember that the English language exams start on January the 24th!