Issue #18, January 16th, 2020

Menú Semanal

  Important Dates

Job Training for 12th Grade Students
Wednesday, January 15th to Friday, January 17th 

Week B Starts
Monday, January 20th

Welcome Back Message

Welcome back message from our principal Alethia Bogoya. Also, learn more about our schools certifications that are in progress. 

Santa Bárbara Preschool Admissions

 Important Transport News

In order to improve our transport service quality, we invite you to read the information related to the new transportation requirements processes we will use for all the community.

ScreenGuide On-Site Parents’ Training

As part of our BYOD program, and taking into account parents’ recommendations, we’ll be holding an on-site parents training.  Click the see more button for specific information.

 Space Camp

There’s still time to be part of this wonderful experience! Students from 4th to 8th grade who want to train like an astronaut, go to Mars, pilot a spacecraft and have fun every day,  are welcome to attend.

Digital Parents

Happy 2020! Our Digital Learning Consultant, Natalia León, has some tips in order to continue learning and growing with the help of digital resources. 

Virtue of the month: Integral Health

Welcome 2020! This month we focus on working on Integral Health as our virtue for January. We have some definitions and recommendations.

BYOD Principal Resolution

With the purpose of strengthening our “Bring Your Own Device” program the School’s Community Council has approved the present resolutionWe kindly invite you to read the resolution available in the see more section of this announcement. 

School’s Calendar

We invite our parents to review our calendar in Schoology as we have modified the dates of some academic and school events.

  ALMA & Schoology Webinars

We invite all our parents to our first webinar of this year next Friday, January 17th from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. about how to effectively use our school platforms Schoology & ALMA. We’ll have a very special host, Athala Umaña, Middle and High School mom and the Parents Council Vice-president, who will be sharing with us her user experience and will be providing parents with tips to maximize the use of these platforms. 

We look forward to seeing you! 

Please access through the following link:

Resumen: Los invitamos a participar en nuestro primer webinar sobre el uso de ALMA & Schoology este viernes 17 de enero de 6:00 a 7:00 p.m.

Para acceder al webinar por favor usar el siguiente link:

End Of Classes For Students Who Are Up          To Date

This year we want to encourage our students to go at their own pace and move forward in the proposed curriculum for the 2019-2020 school year.

Therefore, students who have achieved all their subjects on Friday, May 29th, may not return to school, if their parents thus authorize it. The request must be made through a formal letter addressed to the corresponding Level Director one month before (no later than Thursday, April 30th).

ResumenEste año queremos animar a nuestros estudiantes a ir a su propio ritmo y avanzar en el currículo propuesto para el año escolar 2019-2020. Por lo tanto, los estudiantes que hayan logrado todas sus asignaturas el viernes 29 de mayo, podrán no volver al colegio, si sus padres así lo autorizan,. La solicitud debe hacerse mediante una carta formal dirigida al Director de Nivel correspondiente un mes antes (a más tardar el jueves 30 de abril).

  Rochester in media

We want to share with you this jurnalistic product made by the “RCN Internacional” media channel about our Bilingual program for Fusca Students. This beautiful project is possible thanks to your contribution. 

 Parents Association news


Wellness Center Message

The Wellness Center professionals have some interesting facts about our brain and how does it works. Check them out!

 iPads For Sale

Solicita más información haciendo click aquí

  Flag Raising in Prekinder

At the end of 2019, we had a flag raising ceremony presented by Prekinder A students where some of them were recognized for being leaders.

Resumen: para finalizar el año 2019, los estudiantes de Prejardín A realizaron la izada de bandera en donde hicieron un reconocimiento a algunos estudiantes por sus habilidades de liderazgo.

  Learning centers in the PK Shared              Classrooms

Prekinder students have worked on following sequences by representing the figures they see in a specific picture.

Resumen: Los estudiantes de Prejardín han trabajado en el seguimiento de secuencias representando las figuras que ven en una imagen específica.

  Shared Classroom in Kindergarten

Kindergarten Students have been exploring their senses through several activities in which they need to touch, smell, see, taste and listen to different stimulus to review and learn vocabulary easily.

Resumen: Los estudiantes de Jardín han estado explorando sus sentidos  por medio de actividades en las que necesitan tocar, oler, ver, degustar y escuchar diferentes estímulos para recordar fácilmente el vocabulario.

  Kindergarten Field Trip

By the end of last year, Kindergarten students visited the “Bioparque La Reserva” in Cota. In there, they experienced what they had been studying for the integrated project during the second trimester of the year: weather conditions. The tour guides took them through several thermal floors so they could appreciate first hand the fauna (birds mainly) and flora in those places.

Resumen: al finalizar el año 2019, los estudiantes de Jardín visitaron el Bioparque La Reserva en Cota. Allí experimentaron lo que han estado estudiando para el proyecto integrado durante el segundo trimestre del año: las condiciones climáticas. Los guías turísticos lideraron el recorrido a lo largo de diferentes pisos térmicos para que los estudiantes conocieran de primera mano la fauna (especialmente pájaros) y flora que allí habita.

  Learning About Family Composition in 1st Grade

As part of the studies in family composition, 1st Grade students made a family tree where they wrote the names and drew the members of their family. They also described their family members by using adjectives such as old, young, tall and short.

Resumen: como parte de los estudios de la composición de las familias, los estudiantes de Transición, crearon  un árbol genealógico, en el cual dibujaron los miembros de su familia. Además, ellos describieron a sus familiares usando adjetivos tales como viejo, joven, alto y bajo.

  New Year’s Resolutions in 3rd Grade

In 3rd Grade, students wrote their resolutions for the new year and reflected on the way they are going to accomplish their goals.

Resumen: en 2º, los estudiantes escribieron sus propósitos para el nuevo año y reflexionaron sobre la forma en que van a cumplir sus metas.

  Representing Personal Interests in 2nd Grade

In order to represent graphically some personal interests, Second graders designed flash cards based on the outdoor activity they like to play at school and at home.

Resumen: con el fin de representar gráficamente los intereses personales,  los estudiantes de 1º crearon tarjetas de vocabulario basado en las actividades al aire libre que ellos realizan en les colegio y en sus casas.

Creating Videos in English Class

Upper Elementary students have been creating videos on the App “Clips” where they use storyboards to answer the essential questions from the Unit 4 (life in Outer Space)…

Creating Story Boards in 5th Grade

From last December up to now, 5th Grade students have been working on making story boards as part of the project of their video tutorials based on the universe and the possibility of life beyond earth…

 New Year, New Things To Learn

This week we are welcoming the new year with a new unit, in which we will be exploring our quality worlds! Also, the students will be having a chance to show some of the videos they created on how to use a first-aid kit…

 Teachers Recognition

Last year TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Organization) announced openings in order to be Ambassadors for this coming convention in Denver, Colorado 2020…

Students Recognition

We proudly share the good results obtained in the South American gymnastics tournament at the end of last year in Cali of our students Daniela Daza, Sara Cagueñas and Sofía Grajales, 6th and 2nd Grade students.

Students Tips for Using Social Media

«Having an expected behavior when surfing the internet will help you have a quieter and safer experience. With this information you can be an ethical and respectful person by following BYOD policies…

Math Work in High School

9th Grade students are using different strategies to learn and demonstrate proficiency in their learning in Advanced Algebra and Logarithmic and Exponential functions, specifically on the topics related to Factoring and the implementation of the «Algebra Tiles”.

Spanish and Literature in High School

In Spanish and Literature courses, students have been working in  communicative skills such as listening, speaking, writing, and reading, as well as in the development of thinking skills such as argumentation, reflection and inferential analysis.


  12th Grade Graduation Projects

Application of knowledge is power. At Rochester School, we are changing, adapting and thinking about the world our students will encounter and we want them to be ready to take charge of their future. We encourage students to follow their dreams and learn true real life experiences emanating from what they are doing in the classrooms. Check out this video created by 12th grade students explaining their Graduation Projects.

Resumen: los estudiantes de 11º hablan sobre sus logros y metas de sus   proyectos de grado.

  High School Important Dates

Happy New Year! Wishing our Rochester family a bright and wonderful year.

Please keep in mind the following information for the end of the semester taking into account the changes made due to the days we did not have class. 

January 19th – Practice Saber Exam for 12th graders Simulacro Saber para todos los estudiantes de 11º.

January 24th – 30th Final Semester exams (Remember that guides are available in Schoology courses for you to review class topics)
Exámenes de final de semestre

February 1st: Planting Trees Day 9th and 10th grade Día Siembra de Árboles para estudiantes de 8ºy 9º.

February 6th: End of First Semester classes for High School students.
Finalización de clases del primer semestre para estudiantes de Bachillerato.

February 7th-8th: Learning Presentations
Presentaciones de aprendizaje.