Request contact or sign up for an informative meeting

If you want the Admissions and Visitors Center to contact you to schedule a visit to the school and know it, please click on “Request Contact” below.

If you want to sign up for an informative meeting (Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Admissions 2019-2020) please click on “Informative Meeting” below.

Formalize Admission request

If you want to formalize your request after visiting the school, please click on “Formalize admission request” in order to pay COP $200.000 online, by PSE or credit card and then we will send you a link for the admission request.

Attend an interview

The interview with both parents lasts an hour. Applicants who come from non-non-allied kindergartens will attend a pedagogical activity simultaneously.

NOTE: Students who come from  Santa Bárbara Preschool will have direct admission. Students from allied kindergartens (Kids Town, Eco Kids, Cascanueces) will have preferential admission.

Accept the spot through the admissions platform OpenApply with your username and password.

Enroll through an online and personal process at the appointed date.



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