Learn. Educate. Grow.

Healthy learning!

Vanguard classrooms and mind compatible.

Reading Rooms

To promote English and Spanish reading.

Team work

We form leaders from an early age.

What do our students learn?

Integrate appropriately their motor skills, audition and vision for their age.

Interact courteously with their peers in a productive way.

Read, write, listen and speak in English and Spanish.

Work and learn in pairs and individually.

Give the floor and listen to each other respectfully.

Use numbers and mathematical operations to solve problems.

Develop basic musical and rhythmic skills.

Make art to express and develop a sense of aesthetics.

Integrate motor skills developing sports games and swimming.

Connect with God and start their religious transcendence in school and in their lives.

Our mission

Kids feel loved, appreciated and valued. At school, they satisfy their basic needs of survival, power and acknowledge, love and belonging, freedom and fun. They learn to solve their conflicts having in mind what they want, what others want and what is established in the Educational Community Handbook and the constitution of Preschool to relate with others.  The Teaching team counts with the Wellness Center, which offers psychological support, occupational therapy, integrated visual learning (motor skills, audition and vision in learning integration), infirmary and chaplaincy.

Happiness exists


Director: Marcela Muñoz

Licensed in Preschool and William Glasser International Teacher

I invite you to belong to this wonderful Rochester world where every student can be and is successful and happy.

Marcela Muñoz

Preschool director


Autopista Norte, Km. 15,
Entrance by 7 thAvenue
Chía, Cundinamarca, Colombia

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