2019-2020 Admissions

Rochester School begins its admissions process for Kinder to 9th Grade students on March the 1st.

We invite you to be part of our community that is committed with the environment, mental and physical health, where values and virtues are important to have citizens that are aware and sensitive with the world they live in.

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Our campus

Rochester school has a sustainable building that works as a living textbook for students learning. Since 2001, board of directors, had considered the possibility of a change in its infrastructure and location and, in 2009 WE ACHIEVED IT! with the acquisition of the current lot between Bogotá and Chía.

Our project

Our educational project aims at applying knowledge through a healthy, courteous and joyful school environment. We seek to develop useful life skills for students in multiple areas of knowledge such as Virtues Development, Languages (Spanish, English, French and Portuguese), Natural Science, Social Science, Computer Science, Arts Education, Physical Education and Religious Education.

Healthy and sustainable environment

Virtues Development is the subject that integrates all other subjects from Prekindergarten to Twelfth grade, in order to develop skills and competencies necessary to live a happy, ethical and productive life, in an environment conducive to learning free from fear and coercion and, full of constructive challenges based on trust, courtesy and healthy relationships for an optimal brain development.

Sustainable and healthy Campus. LEED Gold

Our campus is designed to facilitate learning and take care of health, by providing optimal lighting, air quality, acoustic insulation, landscaping, responsible use of water and energy and the school as a living textbook. In 2014, the school was certified for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) by the United States Green Building Council.

Useful learning for life and the world

Our students go beyond acquiring and developing knowledge. Through their subjects and integrated projects, they learn to use that knowledge in real life situations. THIS REAL is our acronym for the different ways our students learn to use and apply it.

etrado al leer, escuchar, hablar y escribir en Español, Inglés, Francés y Portugués.

scuchar con empatía.

usar la Tecnología de manera sostenible y saludable.

esolver asuntos reales con el conocimiento.

nformarse óptimamente.

onservar la Biodiversidad.

utoevaluarse profesionalmente.

er saludable física, emocional y espiritualmente.

Internal responsibility towards happiness and success

Rochester students learn self-evaluation with professional tools and methods and to improve and innovate. They learn to use Choice Theory and sustainability concepts to include quality to their lives, to others’ lives and to the nature around them.

Happiness or mental health can be defined as enjoying the life you are choosing to live, getting along well with the people near and dear to you, doing something with your life you believe is worthwhile, and not doing anything to deprive anyone else of the same chance for the happiness that you have. William Glasser, M.D. (2003)

A special invitation

from our principal

“It’s a pride for us to accompany you in this wonderful adventure, because one of our main goals is to offer this space for you, our students, to be healthy and happy while you learn useful skills for life and to contribute to the world. We invite you all to get to know this wonderful school where you will achieve success”.

– Aletia Bogoya

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Our students count…

their passions, their Rochesterian pride, their desire to learn every day and how our school helps to apply this learning in different areas of knowledge.



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