For the next five years, Rochester School Foundation and the Sustainability team have selected nine social and environmental projects, that seek to improve children and adults quality of life in Cundinamarca, Bolivar and Atlántico. All this for a better country.

Conservation and Biodiversity

Andean bear and Titi projects are part of the finance program of the next five years.


We support the FEL Foundation, Sonrisa Foundation and we have an internal project of entrepreneurship with collaborators.


The English Fusca, Santa Catalina and Límites programs contribute to the integral development of thousands of children in the country.

Your support is very important to achieve each of our objectives.

All programs are funded with voluntary contributions and with the support of the Rochester Educational Foundation. We are looking for people who want to support each of these projects, for this, we have implemented a donation model that aims at the sustainability of the projects in the next 5 years.


Autopista Norte, Km. 15,
Entrance by 7 thAvenue
Chía, Cundinamarca, Colombia

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