Food Service

Having in mind the importance of food in our development and learning, Rochester School offers a nutritional, healthy and natural food alternative.



Lunch menus are planned to offer a wide variety of international and Colombian cuisine. Our soups are made from fresh, natural and high quality ingredients. We offer two carbohydrates, fruit and vegetable bar. Our drinks are natural as well. Protein is made with high technology equipment, which guarantees an optimal process that keeps a nutritional flavor and content, to provide a dish of excellent presentation and nutritional quality.


Taking into account the importance of nutrition in development and learning; At the Rochester School, we offer a nutritional, healthy and natural alternative to food, both in the snack and lunch, which contemplate all nutritional groups in a pleasant and delicious way.


Snack menus are designed to ensure students energetic stability during the morning and the afternoon.


Our School is operated on the food part by our ally Gastrotek.


Adriana Bermudez – Director
PBX 7496000 Ext. 4404

Jacklyn Rodríguez – Food Coordinator
PBX 7496000 Ext. 4404


Autopista Norte, Km. 15,
Entrance by 7 thAvenue
Chía, Cundinamarca, Colombia

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