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We have a whole team at your disposal in order to streamline your admission process and resolve any doubts that may arise.

What is OpenApply?

OpenApply es nuestra plataforma para el tratamiento de datos en los procesos de admisión. A través de ella nuestro centro de admisiones y visitantes gestiona la adjudicación de cupos, las visitas guiadas y en general cualquier cuestión que tenga que ver con admisiones.

How many spots does the school offer for Pre-Kindergarten and how are they assigned?

We currently have an offer of 75 spots for Pre-Kindergarten, that are assigned in order of priority to community members; it means, current parents, alumni children, Santa Barbara Preschool alumni and allied Kindergartens (Kids Town, Cascanueces, Ecokids). Then, we assign spots with the criteria of the initial assessment.

How many and which languages do students learn?

Our bilingual educational model ensures all Eighth Graders to produce naturally and fluently in English and Spanish. From Ninth Grade they will specialize in a third language between French and Portuguese, and will be certified by the Alliance-Française and The Brazilian Culture Institute – IBRACO.

What are the selection criteria for applicants?

During the admission process we take into account the integral development status of the applicants according to their age, family compatibility with the educational project and parents repayment capability.

Does registration fee include transportation and food services?

No, registration fees include only student’s educational rights. Transportation captions depend on variables like distance and coverage zones.

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Admissions and visitor center director assistant

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