About the program

Extracurricular activities reinforce the curricular learning in a safe and healthy environment. In this program, management of free time skills is developed.


Aquatic recreational activities

Guided activities where you can get started in swimming, developing minimum levels and abilities, that will allow you to advance and evolve in other swimming levels. For people who do not know or have difficulties to swim.


Presport Schools

Presport schools help create culture and physical and mental discipline for any physical activity. In addition, they develop gross and fine motor skills, required for reading, math and other areas.


Dance School

The purpose of the artistic activities is to convey and model concepts, styles, techniques and behaviors that develop physical, cognitive, social, spiritual and emotional abilities, that enable students to value, appreciate and comprehend any of the artistic demonstrations of their context and thus create their own artistic identity.


Rochester school of musical training

In order to strengthen the musical process of our children, Rochester School offers the musical training program from PreSchool to 12º grade.


Training and recreational activities

The purpose of the training and recreational activities is to complement the integral development of our students, in order to reinforce learning at the curricular level.

Other extracurricular programs


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