The main goal for the Rochester School Wellness Center is the team work and cooperation of all its members in order to promote and facilitate the comprehensive health of the entire school community, taking into account the mental health guidelines of William Glasser International.

The following are the services provided at our Wellness Center:


Integrated Visual Learning is a style of teaching and learning in which students work by making associations of images with specific contents, data and concepts. This program provides tools to be used in the classroom and at home. In the school, the Integrated Visual Learning Coordinator and the Occupational Therapist offer support programs in the classroom in the preschool grades, in order that students improve their processes of integration of motor reflexes, gross motor, fine motor and the finest related to vision, and in processes that require memory or retention of information and organization of acquired knowledge, so the students can improve the understanding of the academic contents proposed by the school.
Activities are proposed so that children learn to use their eyes properly, manage information and also are able to think visually, in order to successfully achieve their learning processes.
The suggested activities are presented to students as learning experiences, allowing them to have appropriate sensory processing to organize and interpret the information they receive from their body and the world around them, in order to observe more coordinated and efficient answers, to respond to physical and emotional needs in an assertive way.


Martha Cristina Cortés, Occupational Therapist, performs classroom intervention at the Preschool level in the Integrated Visual Learning class, in a fun and game space that allows children to discover and learn about their body and the world around them, by developing motor, sensor-perceptual, cognitive and psychosocial skills that favor their learning processes.
The development of these skills will allow students to improve their postural control, the ability to assume different positions against gravity, the muscle tone, the bilateral motor coordination (coordinated use of both sides of the body), oculomotor control (Compensatory movements of the eyes to stabilize the visual field), the ability to use own sequences of actions in space and time, adjustment of head position in response to movement and gravity, alert level, language development, gravitational safety, discrimination and location of body parts in the space, straightening reactions, manual functions (presses and grips), discrimination and location of sensory information, body schema, motor planning and ideation skills, cognitive abilities (description, association, classification, comprehension, analysis and synthesis), and development of basic learning basic factors (attention and memory).

In the same way, she performs with the Visual Learning Coordinator, individual assessments to students from Primary, Middle and High School levels, who require it, in order to collect information about their areas of strength and aspects to work, providing students, parents and teachers with useful information about their learning process, as well as strategies that will enable them to achieve their school goals. In case of needing intervention from a particular external discipline, she provides information about suitable professionals who will work together with the student, parents and the school, in order to help students develop the necessary skills that will allow them to be independent, autonomous and successful in his academic management.
She also participates in the monitoring of external therapeutic processes, in order to follow up progress, share information about the perception of the teaching team and make the necessary suggestions that will allow the student to reach the proposed therapeutic objectives.
She conducts, with the Integrated Visual Learning Coordinator, evaluations for students aspiring to enter school.


The Wellness Center, from the Rochester School Counseling service, offers individual and group orientation spaces that allow students to choose behaviors that favor their emotional health. From Orientation, students seek to build their happiness, based on the principles of The Choice Theory, taking into account their needs and the needs of their environment.
The team of counselors, is made up of psychologists Julián Ospina, Marcela Vallejo and Maríamónica Muñoz. Mariamónica is in charge of orienting High School students in their life project.


Dr. Tatiana Leguizamón, who studied at school and Nurse, Sol Angie González are responsible for the timely care of the whole school community, providing first aid, prevention workshops and health promotion.

The objective of nursing is to ensure the physical well-being of the students of the school, to generate a high level of confidence and empathy for parents, students and school personnel towards this service.

Nursing assistance functions include care, counseling and primary diagnosis for students and staff: first aid, cures, application and supply of medicines according to medical prescription and monitoring of chronic diseases.


The functions of the priest in the educational field are related to the service on behalf of the Catholic Church. Its purpose was conceived by Jesus Christ himself: “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (Mt 28). The Church understands this mandate in terms of mission and evangelization within the educational field and in accordance with the fundamental orientations of the confessional school.
At Rochester School, the chaplaincy develops its mission with the following responsibilities:

1- To promote spiritual health through liturgical celebrations and Rituals of faith: (weekly Eucharist, sacrament of confession, promotion of the Holy Rosary and other acts of piety). Its purpose is to access the grace of God through a worship pleasing to Him.
2- To announce Christian doctrine through religious dialogue, catechesis, class of religion and preparation for the sacraments.
3- To base faith as knowledge of religious value, through group talks, informal dialogues, area meetings, class replacement and radio programs, as well as publications.
4- To participate in the Wellness Committee and School Religious Education.
5- To accompany and guide the Christian life to parents, students, teachers and administrators, especially in the most important times of the Catholic liturgy (Lent, Christmas and Easter).

Mariela Medina

Wellness Center Coordinator
PBX 7496000 Ext. 4808

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