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The virtues development course is delivered through seven thematic areas or foci that incorporate cognitive, emotional, social, kinesthetic, aesthetic, and spiritual learning. The purpose is to develop character and ethics in every student towards the fundamental principles of human progress.

Integral Health

Is the ability to maintain one’s physical, mental, and spiritual health (integral)  without depriving others of the same opportunity to maintain their integral health.

Systemic Citizen

Is being the changes one wishes to create in the world through the ability to understand the complexities of natural and man-made systems seeking the benefit of a global community. The systemic citizen is a citizen who conserves biodiversity and promotes sustainable human progress.

Kind and Servant Leader

Is the ability to help and care for others without expecting anything in return.


Is the ability to co-create and interact so that a group of people achieves common goals with positive interdependence among members, individual responsibility for everything studied as a team, encouraging face-to-face interaction among members, social skills to maintain team unity, and periodic and useful individual group processing.


Is the ability to work and behave in an honest and ethical manner, in keeping with the agreements and expected social norms, with feelings of pride for a job well done.


Is the ability to think reflectively about one’s process of thinking, expression and action, in relation to what one wants to achieve, what other relevant people want to be achieved and what the context expects, based on standards, agreements and environmental and social sustainability


Is the ability to create one’s own desired future or those of a group of people without being permissive or authoritarian.

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