Institutional Purpose

Inspiring and educating students to take charge of their lives with the world in mind.

Highest Priority Goal

Every student feels safe, loved, learns all that is expected, and his / her parents perceive it that way.

Be Courteous

Be respectful and kind to others, following the Golden Rule “Treat others as you would like to be treated.”

Virtues Development Program

The school´s values (integrity, respect, hope, optimism, caring, faith, collaboration, and gratitude) applied to everyday, form 7 virtues that guide the integration of the curricula. The virtues form an acronym called SHICKEL, as follows:

Valores en acción

Strategic Intent

Healthy and Sustainable Environment
Internal Responsibility towards Happiness and Success
Useful & Quality Learning for Life and the World

Healthy and Sustainable Environment

Establish a leadership approach based on Choice Theory that is perceived as connecting, reliable, collaborative, responsible, sustainable and oriented towards quality.

Internal Responsibility towards Happiness and Success

Teachers, administrators, parents, and students use Choice Theory in their daily lives and apply professional self-evaluation methods that include the needs and wants of relevant others.

Responsabilidad interior

Useful & Quality Learning for Life and the World

Be an international high-performing trilingual school (C1 in English and B2 in a third language between French and Portuguese), focused on excellence, using and applying knowledge.