Global Opportunities

Participating in an exchange program is an unforgettable experience for our students! Getting to know another culture, studying an international curriculum, and growing as a person are just some of the benefits of the varied study programs that we offer. As a member of the Council of International Schools (CIS), we want our students to have appropriate cultural and authentic learning experiences so they can develop as global citizens. And as a Glasser Quality School (GQS), we promote social interactions and quality relationships. In addition, we frequently look for new alternatives to strengthen our third language program.

Our International Exchange Programs

Being an international school, we possess the tools needed to break down linguistic, academic, and social barriers. At Rochester, we educate citizens of the world and prepare them to be successful wherever they may go. Our students become ambassadors of our school and of our country.

Norfolk Academy
United States


If you are enrolled in grade 10 or 11, you have the opportunity to have a unique experience during two weeks in the eighth oldest school in the United States. Norfolk Academy, founded in 1728, is an institution built on tradition that embraces innovation and combines the best of both worlds–old and new. You can attend classes, go on culture excursions, and get to know some universities in the area. The program continues upon returning to Colombia, when students from Norfolk visit us at our school.

Saint Patrick School
United States


Getting to know another institution certified as a Glasser Quality School is a unique opportunity, one for which students in grades 6-8 can apply. This semester abroad at Saint Patrick Catholic School allows you to practice your English 24 hours a day, in addition to practicing your internal responsibility related to academic, social, and personal processes. Those students who meet the diverse selection criteria can qualify for this exchange program.



Give it a try and travel to Canada to enjoy a culture full of life. This is the perfect program to strengthen your French as a foreign (third) language, together with 1,500 students from more than 40 countries around the world. You can stay with a local family, attend classes, and participate in cultural excursions. This program is for students from 9th-12th grades.

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Recommendation of the month
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    Train as part of the new generation of space explorers with the Astronaut Training Experience program using equipment adapted from the NASA program.
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    Pilot, land, and walk on Mars via virtual simulations with microgravity.
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    Live and work on Mars as part of Base 1.
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    Resolve emergency operatives, program robots in a botany laboratory.
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    Manage daily challenges like an astronaut or an engineer by conducting experiments and other activities.

Stand by for the next round of applications for program participants. For now, discover more about this amazing experience at the official Space Camp site here.

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