From the Food service we want you to have an amazing and transformative experience through the food we served. With a multidisciplinary team made up of professionals in gastronomy, engineering and nutrition, we guarantee food safety, with high standards of quality and innovation, maintaining a continuous improvement. Committed to supporting sustainability projects and continuing to strengthen the values of the Rochester Educational Foundation through the promotion of healthy eating and nutritional habits. We have a responsible criteria in the selection of our suppliers to guarantee high quality standards of raw materials and supplies, as well as support companies with social and environmental commitment. From the Food Service we promote effective and direct communication with the community, that is why we share the menus of the different services every Thursday through Schoology.

Mid Morning Snack

It is a snack service carefully designed and created to meet the energy and nutritional needs of students according to their age. The service consists of a natural fruit or dairy drink, a protein food, a bakery product, cereal and a fruit. We offer a varied menu, and additionally we have daily options for the student to choose from.



The lunch menus are designed in accordance with the technical guidelines established by the Ministry of National Education and the calories and nutrients recommendations suggested by the World Health Organization. We offer a salad bar, fruit bar, soup of the day, two types of side dishes or energy per day, a portion of animal or vegetable protein, a natural fruit drink without additives and dessert, all in the right amounts for each age group. We have a daily vegetarian menu, a plan for managing intolerances and also allergies.


Sports Club Snack

We offer a complementary service designed for students who receive Extracurricular classes or Sports Club members, at any of their schedules, both in the morning and in the afternoon. We know that extra activities have an impact on additional caloric consumption, so it is important to provide the body, through food intake, with the necessary energy. For this reason, we designed a suitable snack menu to fulfill its nutritional and caloric function.


Snack Bar

The Snack Bar seeks to create an environment to promote healthy eating habits where our students and the community in general, can choose voluntarily and consciously, the foods that most favor their health and their tastes. We incorporate sustainable thinking into the Snack Bar model, therefore, the use of returnable kitchenware and reduction of disposable use is promoted. Within the product portfolio we do not include any packages, soft drinks, sodas or highly sugary drinks.


Culture of Prevention and Self-care

Food Service Biosafety Protocols

Qualification from the Health Secretary authorities

1. 96% rating for Health Visit certificate for food preparation establishment.
2. 98.75%. rating for Sanitary Visit certificate for the sale of food.

Visit made on: 09/09/2020

Adriana Bermudez Moncada

Food Service Director

Jacklyn Rodriguez

Food Service Coordinator

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