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Nuestros Directivos

Since 1959, Colegio Rochester has educated confident and self-assured leaders. Thousands of men and women carry their voices around the world leaving their common footprint: global and well-rounded citizens who are conscious of their surroundings. We are grateful for our directors, who have known how to channel and apply our unique stamp that enables us to balance tradition and innovation as we look toward the future.

Comité ejecutivo
Juan Pablo Aljure León
Patricia Aljure León
Alethia Bogoya Rectora Colegio Rochester
Iliana Aljure León
Diana Alba Quintero
Néstor Arias Torres
Sonia Muñoz Olea
Jorge Quintero Vélez
María Sol Realini Achaga
José Guillermo Martinéz Yepes
Marcos Aguilera Ely
María Juliana Martinez Arango
Mónica Barriga López
Junta directiva
Daniel Aljure
Juan Pablo Aljure
Iliana Aljure
Patricia Aljure
José Vargas
Ricardo Lozano

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