Healthy. Happy. Inspiring environment.


Students presentations as project managers.


Dance and movement, keys for their development.


Computer science in Spanish and English.


Swim in free style, breaststroke, butterfly and backstroke.

Love for reading

The joy of reading and comprehension in English and Spanish.


Instrumental and choral.


Cooperative individual learning.

What do our students learn?

Use of the scientific method to explore the Earth, the Space, life and physical science.

Develop basic programs and webpages. Use multitasking programs, spreadsheets, word processors and apps for presentations.

Swim in free style, breaststroke, butterfly and backstroke.

Be physically healthy through exercise, sports and games practicing.

Strengthen their relationship with God and develop a sense of service to others. Optionally do the First Reconciliation and First Communion sacraments.

Extend vocabulary and reading and writing skills. Improve conversation skills and protocols. Develop native-like english pronunciation and refine bilingual skills in English and Spanish.

Develop Colombian culture, history and geography. Solve issues and create problems using Earth and human history to strengthen skills and social responsibility.

Solve problems using mathematical reasoning, images, integers, fractions, decimals and percentages.

What do we want to achieve at this level?

In Primary, children develop mathematical reasoning , number sense and position value through games, images and manipulating objects. They develop fluency in the calculation of integers, fractions and decimals with problema solving problem strategies.

They collect, analyze and record data and organize information related to their integrated projects such as: the school garden , the Mono Titi and the Andean Bear. They build geometric vocabulary and measurement to classify shapes and explore the properties of figures of two and three dimensional figures by creating an imagined city. They learn to swim in four styles: free, chest,  butterfly and back. In Physical Education they are prepared to perform competitive sports  taking care of their health. They create coreographies and musical performances where they demonstrate teamwork, cooperation and creativity.

In Religion they learn to strenghen their spirituality and values such as: leadership, tolerance or respect from the life of Jesus. In Science, they learn to use the scientific method. They sow in the garden, collect data and draw evolutionary graphs in order to observe patterns of  growth patrons in the plants and they learn healthy habits and how to take care of their body.

In Computer Science, they develop and program interactive games in Scratch, design web pages, and process data and information in spread sheets. Type texts in Pages and Word adn make presentations in power point and keynote.

Happiness exists


Lower elementary director: Maria Consuelo Añez


Upper elementary director: Alejandro Patiño

Sports activities

Extracurricular activities

Virtues for wellness


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