Issue #28, March 26th, 2020

 Home Learning Plan News

As we move on with our Home Learning Plan, we have some important information for you. We hope you are enjoying your time with your family and remember to stay safe and healthy.


We are sure you are having an amazing time at home! We´ve got some interesting videos of what you are doing at home, but we want to hear more. You can still get involved!

Thank you Teachers!

Dear teachers:

During this time, our students, with the help of their parents, have a very special message for you. We support them and we want to say, thank you very much for your effort!

Medical Assistance

 Students Home Learning Evidences

Dear students:

We know you are doing an amazing job at home with your Home Learning Plan. This is why we have gathered some pictures and videos that show your high performace in the virtual classes. We feel very proud for your commitment and we encourage you to keep on studying. You are the future of our planet!

 Wellness Center Message- Cleaning and Disinfection of Households

Our Wellness Center team has some important recomendations to keep our houses clean. Please follow them, this is part of keeping our Integral Health.



Thank you for your positive messages. Be safe and stay healthy. (Swipe to the right to see the pictures)

Good News From The Globe Program

Our students have accomplished something impresive at the Globe Program. Shortly, by observing the clouds and checking the temperature of the environment, students asked themselves if the data they recolected could help them predict the weather to be prepared for rainy or sunny days. The results are amazing! Click the «See more» button to know the whole story. 

 School´s Virtual Tour

Technology is an important ally for our school. This is why, our Admissions and Visitors Center, is proud to introduce our new virtual tour. Visit our campus, invite your friends and show them how amazing it is. At Rochester, nothing stops us!

Digital Parents- Netiquette

As we are using the internet more at home today, we have some important recommendations to keep in mind regarding our behaviour online. Download the PDF form attached.

 English For Fusca 

Our Rochester School students haven´t stopped leading the English for Fusca program. They have developed some interesting English learning guides to share with Fusca students. In the «See More» button you can find an example of the work of 12th Grade students. Thanks for contributing for a better country!

Home Learning Webinars

If you missed the Home Learning Webinars of March the 20th and March the 25 th (for Prekinder to 3rd Grade students), you can watch them by cliking on the buttons below.