Inspiring and educating students  to take charge of their lives with the world in mind

General Objectives

  1. Our school environment is about trust, respect and teamwork at all levels, where isolated incidents are taken as great opportunities to grow together, to improve and to innovate.
  2. Every student competently achieves the learning expectations from each grade in a balanced way between each of the various curricular dimensions, and focuses on useful education through the elimination of useless schooling, as defined by William Glasser in Chapter 10 of Choice Theory: A new psychology of personal freedom (1999).  The acrostic LETRICAS summarizes the useful skills for life: being Literate (Spanish, English and a third language between French and Portuguese, with optimal motor, hearing and visual development), Leading without being permissive nor authoritarian, Listening with empathy, using Technology for healthy and sustainable human progress, Solving real-life issues with knowledge, Relating appropriately to one another, Informing oneself in a timely manner, Conserving biodiversity, professionally Self-evaluating, being Integrally Healthy and being Systemic when thinking and acting.
  1. All students reach advanced or mastery learning in certain subjects in each grade.
  2. High levels of performance are achieved and maintained by students in the school’s internal tests regarding the application of learning, Colombian standard tests and institutionally chosen international tests (Toefl iBT in 11th-12th grades, Toefl Junior in 8th grade, among others).
  3. All teachers and students, and a large part of the parents in each grade learn to use Choice Theory psychology in their lives and at school.
  4. The school’s environment of joy, well-being and emotional health can be perceived by all the community and visitors.


  1. We foster the Colombian identity and consider Spanish-English bilingual education as the means to expand our cultural horizon.
  2. We maintain independence before organizations of political or religious character of any nationality or origin.
  3. We teach and promote the values of the Catholic religion and respect freedom of worship among our students and families.
  4. We accept plurality and respect ethnic and cultural diversity.
  1. We consider that the fundamental educational entity is the nuclear family and that Rochester School complements that educational effort by the family’s voluntary delegation.
  2. We consider that human behavior  is internally motivated and that this principle is the essence of our pedagogical approach.
  • Faith
  • Hope
  • Charity
  • Respect
  • Trust, transparency and integrity
  • Cooperation and collaboration
  • Excellence
  • Self-assessment
  • Continuous improvement
  • Innovation
Virtues to be developed by our students
  • Being systemic as citizens
  • Being physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy
  • Being friendly and helpful
  • Being collaborative and cooperative
  • Being upright, honest
  • Being a self-assessor instead of an external evaluator
  • Being a leader
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