Middle School

Mejores Colegios Bogotá

Sally Ann Torres-Brown
Middle School Director

The Middle School study plan has the goal of awakening our students’ interest in different areas. They learn about the areas in which they are interested through the execution of integrated projects which focus on social and environmental sustainability. They write narrative, descriptive, expository and persuasive essays. They debate on current issues and put these tools into practice in their first mock United Nations Model.

From the very beginning of this level, we focus on the use of appropriate tools and language structures in both English and Spanish, strengthening their language development to get solid knowledge of linguistic skills. This is achieved in an integrated way through activities involving writing, listening, reading and speaking to improve their expression. Students discover their unique talents, skills and values through a study plan, which takes into account their needs, changing interests and levels of motivation.

In middle school, our students:

write narrative, descriptive, expository and persuasive essays in English and Spanish.

hold group conversations following protocols for empathetic listening and professional discussions in English and Spanish.

achieve a B2 level in the TOEFL Junior test regarding listening comprehension, language form and meaning and reading comprehension.

optionally participate in overseas study programs and international events.

participate in a mini United Nations Model led by High School students.

develop different integrated projects once a year, and a graduation project in Eighth Grade.

solve real life problems using basic algebra, geometry and systems thinking.

solve real life issues using basic physics, chemistry, and earth and space sciences.

solve real life issues using biology and conservation biology.

model social solutions based on ancient and middle age history, as well as the geology of Colombia and the planet.

develop life management skills using the psychology of Choice Theory for their own well-being.

develop computer programming skills to create a desired future using nested loops, multiple branches, and variables as well as algorithmic and scientific approaches for design.

refine skills in a number of sports, including aquatic sports emphasizing on one.

extend their service skills and their relationship with the New Testament in the Bible.

refine and extend skills in their chosen subject in artistic education between arts, dance, music and theater.

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