Elementary School


Alejandro Patiño
High Elementary Director


Maria Consuelo Añez
Low Elementary Director

In Elementary School, our children develop their mathematical reasoning, a sense of numeracy and place value through a series of games, images and object manipulation. They develop fluency in calculating whole numbers, fractions and decimals through problem solving strategies. They collect, analyze, record and organize data related to some of the school integrated projects such as the school orchard, the Cotton-top Tamarin and the Spectacled Bear. They build geometric and measurement vocabulary to classify shapes, and explore the properties of two and three dimensional shapes through the creation of an imaginary city. They learn to swim in the four basic strokes: freestyle stroke, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly stroke.

In Physical Education they get ready for competitive sports taking care of their health, and in Arts they create choreographies or musical pieces where they show teamwork, cooperation and creativity. In Religion they learn from the life of Jesus Christ to strengthen their spirituality and values such as leadership, tolerance and respect. In their science classes, they learn to use the scientific method. They plant in the orchard, they collect data and draw plant growth charts in order to register their observations on growth patterns in plants, and they learn to have healthy habits to take care of their body. In Computer Sciences, they develop and program interactive games in Scratch. They design web pages and process data and information in spreadsheets. They type text in Pages or Word and they do presentations with Power Point or Keynote.

In Elementary students learn to:

solve problems using mathematical reasoning, images, whole numbers, fractions, decimals and percentages.

use the scientific method in the exploration of Earth, space, life and physical sciences.

develop basic programs and web pages, and use multidisciplinary programs, spreadsheets, word processors and applications for presentations.

swim in different strokes such as freestyle stroke, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly stroke.

be physically healthy through doing exercise, sports and playing other games.

strengthen their relationship with God and develop a sense of service to others. They optionally take the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Communion.

extend their vocabulary and skills in reading and writing, improve their skills and protocols for conversation, develop close to native pronunciation in English, and refine their bilingual skills in English and Spanish.

develop their Colombian culture, history and geography. They also solve issues and create problems using Earth and Human History to strengthen their social skills and sense of responsibility.

Arts education

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