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Commitment to our Colombian species

Rochester School is committed to the conservation of cotton-top tamarins and the spectacled bear, endemic species of our country.

“The Macaws use their strong beaks to break the seeds of the fruits they eat. Marmosets eat the pulp of fruits swallowing whole seeds. Upon defecating elsewhere in the forest, those seeds are ready to begin a new plant”

Sustainability projects.

The Chingaza Paramo.

1) Reasons why our school is involved in the preservation of the Chingaza Paramo and the species that live there.

Rochester School has always considered how important it is to support the conservation of Colombian ecosystems and biodiversity. Our institution understands the relationship between climate change and biodiversity preservation in our country. For us it is extremely important that our students study these types of issues in our environmental curriculum with a scientific and professional approach, and can use it in their lives.

Our community understands the relationship between self, others and context, so as to systemically propose solutions to this sort of complex issues.

Our school is the first one to receive a LEED GOLD certification in Colombia, and its sustainable infrastructure is used as an educational textbook, which is a role model in terms of reducing impacts on high mountain ecosystems and the environmental services they provide us with. This not only impacts issues related to good environmental practices, but has also allowed the implementation of this sort of projects with a sustainable approach where students are actively involved in their development, thus achieving useful learning for their lives, framed within the institution’s curriculum.

2) How often do students go up to the Paramo?

Approximately twice a year depending on issues related to the capacity of the paramo ecosystem where we are working, this way we intend to reduce the impact we can generate. Prior to a visit, students go through workshops and conferences so that they understand the environmental issues before hand.

3) Are these visits to the Paramo part of the curriculum?

Since Rochester School was certified with the LEED GOLD certification, the environmental curriculum was designed to work on issues related to water resources, energy efficiency, conservation and climate change. This integrated project was designed with regards to the Paramo and the bear issues and is in its second year of implementation on track to becoming a leading program to be carried out over the coming years.

4) What is the strategy between the Manantial La Laja Foundation and Rochester School. How long have you worked together?

A number of teaching strategies have been under implementation, such as hosting workshops with students and visits by experts from the Manantial La Laja Foundation, as well as school work on strategies regarding issues of conservation biology. This Foundation has been instrumental in the training and support of the school students and we are grateful for the opportunity they have given us to be an integral part of their conservación proposal. The Manantial La Laja Foundation, like many other institutions working in this type of projects, requires lots of collaboration to disseminate their conservation proposal in the area they have, which is why the school feels environmentally committed to supporting their cause. Thus, over the past 6 years we have visited this place many times with different groups of students. Some of them have already graduated from our School.

5) How can someone outside be part of  this campaign?

As I mentioned before, the Manantial La Laja Foundation requires a lot of support to spread out their proposals as well as resources to carry out their different conservation projects. You can contact biologist Luis Guillermo Linares at his mobile phone 313 358 7846 or email him at You can also check out their Facebook page. Likewise, you can contact me at 310 875 8416 or send me an email to with any questions or proposals you might have about participating in the project.

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