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What is a GQS?

We Train Forward-looking and Self-reliant Leaders

Rochester School is a Glasser Quality School, a marvelous place. It is a space where students grow in a happy, safe and trusting environment so that they learn to become responsible, respectful and upright. This is why we teach to respectfully listen to each other, in order to learn, accept, support and reconcile, and thus, maintain satisfactory relationships. When incidents occur, we see them as opportunities for teamwork, learning, improvement and innovation.

In a Glasser Quality School, all students can be successful, they are able to learn all that is expected and learn to use their knowledge in situations that are useful for their lives and society. They learn to use knowledge to improve their quality of life, achieving high levels in national institutional tests such as Saber 11 and international ones like Toefl. All learning in the school curriculum is perceived as useful by students and is focused on fostering individual talents to promote innovation and creativity. This also generates motivation in each student toward excellence and work without needing to resort to indiscipline.

At Rochester, students, teachers and parents learn to use the psychology of the Choice Theory at school and in their lives, a psychology that explains the functioning of the brain, the mind and human behavior. We concentrate on internal control, self-assessment, excellence, collaboration, improvement and innovation to achieve healthy coexistence. From Prekinder to Eleventh grade, students gradually develop 7 virtues (values in action) that are important for life and the world (SHICKEL): being systemic as citizens, friendly and helpful, cooperating and collaborating, being upright, self-evaluating professionally and leading without permissiveness or authoritarianism.

One of the major goals is learning to relate with oneself and with others, being responsible with regard to my well-being and success, without depriving others of the same opportunity, with self-evaluation and research methods. This is why our visitors experience happiness, joy and a friendly will to serve in the school environment and the people.

Likewise, it is an intelligent school organization, based on leadership, teamwork, partnerships and optimum physical resources that are compatible with the learning process and holistic health. The foregoing allows us to obtain high results in people, students, parents and society, as certified by EFQM.

Likewise, at Rochester we have a low environmental impact campus, that we use as a living textbook that promotes learning and health, as evidenced in our LEED Gold certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

This is our school, which we proudly build each day educating responsible and excellent students who know how to relate and maintain their mental health and happiness.

Sonia Muñoz

Glasser Quality School Consultant

Former Principal at Rochester School

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