Conservation and Biodiversity

Cotton-Top Tamarin Project Support

Finding the way between community and nature



The Cotton-Top Tamarin Project at Rochester School, in partnership with the ‘Titi Foundation’, seeks the conservation of the tropical dry forest and the endemic species that inhabit it such as the Cotton-Top Tamarin Monkey (Saguinus Oedipus), which is the umbrella species of this ecosystem . This forest has a unique biodiversity of plants and animals, which, due to its adaptations, has survived the conditions of water stress, so it has high levels of endemism (species from a single place that do not inhabit another ecosystem).

Originally, these ecosystems used to cover more than 9 million hectares, of which there is currently less than 8%, being one of the most threatened ecosystems in our country. The deforestation of this forest is due to agricultural and livestock production, mining and urban development. The loss of this forest would generate disastrous consequences for our planet, such as an increase in global warming and affectation of trophic chains and the Earth’s water cycles.

In February 2016, the President of the Rochester Educational Foundation, Juan Pablo Aljure, the Coordinator of Natural Sciences, Pilar Tunarroza, and the Sustainability Director, Jorge Quintero, visited the Cotton-Top Tamarin Project in the Reserva del Ceibal, Bolivar. During their visit, they found an organization with specific goals and a clear mission for the conservation of this primate, which besides being an emblematic and endemic species of our country, plays a key role in the fragments of Tropical Dry Forest that still remain in Colombia.

We are expecting to collect 60 million COP to:

  • construct biological corridors that broaden the range of action of the Cotton-Top Tamarin, which, as an umbrella species, maintain a balance in the tropical dry forest.
  • improve the working conditions of the researchers who work for the ‘Tití Foundation’.
  • improve the conditions of the researchers who work for the ‘Tití Foundation’.
  • support the ‘Tití Foundation’ in its dissemination and education work amongst young people on the importance of the conservation of the Cotton-Top Tamarin monkey and its ecosystem.

Rochester ‘Osostenible’

Conservation of the ‘Chingaza Paramo’ as well as the Andean Bear

Learning in order to teach


The Andean Bear is a representative species of the Andean area, its distribution includes Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru mainly. This species has been hunted, its ecosystem has been degraded and fragmented by human economic activities. Likewise in the areas where it lives, there is a social and environmental conflict due to the occupation of its ecosystem.

The high mountain ecosystems represent the Andean Bear’s main home. They provide cultural services, environmental services and environmental goods to a vast population that lives in the ‘Sabana de Bogotá’. Rochester School, aware of the social and environmental problems of this species as well as the relevance of high mountain ecosystems such as the paramo, has been working for 7 years with different organizations, and bringing students to the Paramo in field trips to show them first hand the importance of these ecosystems, so they can provide solutions to preserve them. We also seek for support to educate our community on the importance of conservation and the execution of actions to protect different spices and their ecosystem.

in this project we work together with the Foundation ‘Manantial La Laja’, Javeriana University, and the National Park ‘Chingaza’. The support to the Andean Bear and its ecosystem increases the possibilities to include people from wild, rural and urban areas in topics about conservation.

We are expecting to collect 55 million COP to:

  • implement educational strategies that support the conservation initiative for the Andean Bear ant its ecosystem.
  • support the ‘Chingaza’ Natural National Park Conservation Program and the Foundation ‘La Laja’.
  • implement sustainable strategies in order to provide better life conditions for families living in the Natural Park outskirts.
  • implement different strategies to improve the working conditions for researchers working for the Foundation ‘La Laja’ and the National Natural Park ‘Chingaza’.
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