1x4=un mejor pais

1×4 = A better country

Social and environmental sustainability


Our School Sustainability Team has chosen six social and environmental projects which seek to improve the quality of life of different children and adults in Cundinamarca, Bolivar and Atlantico for the next five years.


Water for everyone

70% of the drinking water we consume in Bogota and its surroundings comes from the Chingaza Paramo. There is a population of 25 spectacled bears (Tremarctos Ornatus) currently threatened by agriculture, deforestation and the deterioration of the ecosystem. The Andean bear is classified as an umbrella species, which means that it protects and ensures the survival of many other animal and plant species in its habitat. Protecting the paramo and the bear is equivalent to protecting water!



The Environmental School has 2,800 students in three different sessions a day. Although the school building has the basic public utilities, there is very inadequate sanitation and poor management of rainwater. The School receives $ 14,300 pesos per student once a  month for its operation and utilities from the City Hall.


Cotton-Top Tamarin Foundation

The Cotton-Top Tamarin Foundation protects 1,700 hectares of forest, which are the home of 2,045 critically endangered cotton-top tamarins. In order to contribute to its conservation, the Foundation supports 15 single mothers, 15 schools and over 3,000 students to improve their quality of life and protect the ecosystem for the tamarin.


The Limites and Santa Catalina

In Los Limites and Santa Catalina districts, there are two schools with 880 highly vulnerable students. These schools do not have potable water, sewerage or garbage collection systems. The classrooms have no lighting, acoustics or temperature control; even less are they equipped with furniture or teaching resources. The students eat once a day at their school, which does not have a cafeteria.


English for everyone

Our School wants to implement the teaching of English in its area of ​​influence (Chia, Cundinamarca), so that primary students in schools in Chia can get to an A2 level by 2021. This way we seek to help children and their families to have more opportunities to improve their quality of life.


Solidarity at Rochester

Our School supports solidarity initiatives such as the aid to 62 school employees who do not have the necessary resources for training, medical treatments, or to improve their quality of life. The ‘Operation Smile’ program supports the rehabilitation of 400 children with Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate. The Fel Foundation provides therapeutic support to more than 30 children with special needs.

Your contribution will change the lives of at least 4 more Colombians. Ways to help:

Monthly contribution

Contribution of $15,000 COP a month included in your tuition payment. This amount will be charged every month through your Davivienda card. If you are interested in this model,

One-time contribution

Contribution of $150,000 COP once a year by credit card, debit card or cash (through Baloto, or Efecty). If you wish to make your contribution under this model,

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1x4= A Better Country
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